What do physical therapists do?
How long until I'll start to get better?
How many sessions will I need?
How much will it cost?
Why should I receive physical therapy for my pain or injury?
What is pelvic floor physical therapy?
What do I wear?
Is physical therapy covered by insurance?
Can I begin physical therapy if I'm seeing a chiropractor or other provider?
Do you treat men too?

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Claire saved my life! I suffered from femoral nerve damage in childbirth and was sent home from the hospital with zero answers, unbearable pain, and was unable to walk. I'm thankful everyday that Claire came into my life. It was an actual rebirth for me. Not only did she get me walking, driving and running again though PT, but starting pelvic floor therapy was where my real healing began. I can't recommend pelvic floor therapy enough to every woman I meet. It's life changing.
Claire continues to help heal my nerve damage and answers any questions I have. Her knowledge of the female body is fascinating. She's a true healer.
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Postpartum Physical Therapy
Dr. Claire has been the first person to help me with my chronic back pain. I first starting seeing her for a herniated disc which is now healed and I did not need surgery thanks to her! She is so knowledgeable of every muscle and tendon and how to relieve the pressure and pain that I have lived with for over 30 years. Do yourself a favor–don't wait! The relief is amazing!!
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Chronic Back Pain
I have had knee problems all my life. After three ACL surgeries and lots of basic rehab I was still in constant pain with a lot of swelling and an awkward walk. Dr Claire has worked with me in every area. She given me specific exercises and stretches that really making a difference. She has helped me work on how I walk, which has helped a lot. Before, I thought was protecting my knee but was actually making it worse. She has this uncanny ability to find the exact spot that hurts and explains why and gives me the tools to recover and all with such care, concern and understanding. I cannot recommend her enough. She's the best and I have been to a lot of different therapists.
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Knee Injury
Before I started working with Dr. Delcambre to relieve my neck and back pain, I was unable to do my job or exercise. As a performing musician, I need my body to be loose and pain-free to perform at the highest level, and for a while I thought the pain would never go away. Week after week, Dr. Delcambre helped me become aware of my body in ways I’d never been before. I got stronger in areas I didn’t realize were weak and slowly reintroduced my daily practice and exercise routine back into my life. Now I’m better than I’ve ever been. On top of all of this, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and is a genuinely good human being.
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Back & Neck Injury
I started working with Claire when I was pregnant with twins, she helped me a ton with my symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and we also chatted about a postpartum plan. Right after I was cleared by my OB (six weeks postpartum) I started working with Claire, thank goodness, as I had a very long and rough recovery from my C-section birth. Claire helped me with massaging my scar, so I wouldn't build up scar tissue, which is imperative for C-section recovery, and also with my pelvic floor. I had no idea my knee and lower back pain were because of my tight pelvic floor after carrying twins.
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Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy

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